Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Valentines 2008

I feel like each year gets better and better and Drew get more creative! We had such a good valentine's day thanks to him! Love you Drew

A day in the life of Grandpa Eastman

When we were in Utah last we were able to go see what Grandpa Eastman does at work. He is a Utah State Senator and does a wonderful job! We are so proud of him and all the hard work he puts in to make Utah an even better place than it already is! Jaxson loved it! He felt so proud to sit in Grandpa's seat and to be Grandpa for a day!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Husband is the BEST!!!

I love my boys more than anything. Here is a pic of the two best boys in my life.

Just some FUN PICS

Feb 2008

We may be behind the times, but we just bought our first ipod and we are pumped!! Our family and friends just laugh because we are so excited to see how it puts all that music and the album photos on. The funny thing is that we haven't even used it yet! We want to use it when we exercise but the problem is, WE DONT EXERCISE! We will start soon.

Well, Ryann is 5 now and is loving all the girly stuff which I love. She is full of energy and uses most of it dancing, and showing off in front of her Dad. Jaxson is the sweetest kid and wont leave my sight. He finally wanted to stay with his Dad when I went to the store the other day and loved it. They were outside the whole time washing Dads motorcycle and what he calls, his new "motorcycle bike".

Anyway, we havent updated this this for months so I thought I would have a little fun changing it and finally updating it.