Monday, November 8, 2010

Here We Are

We have been MIA this last year and its all my fault. I have totally forgotten about our blog and and havent done a thing with it. So hopefully this is a "new start" of the Eastman Family Blog!


aj said...

GIRL! I'm so glad you're back to blogging. It's so good to see this very virtual way. I have totally missed your updates. You look awesome, as ever. And...braces? How exciting! Your kids are so big & so cute! Can't wait to hear more.

Ashley said...

Ash- Your pictures are amazing! Your kids are so dang cute! Let's go to lunch again! I miss and love you!

Ric and Meagan said...

seriously!!!! I hope my family is half as cute as yours!!!! You guys make me smile you seriously are a gorgeous family

Collette said...

so i have no idea how i came across your blog but thought i better say hi! such cute family pictures and why haven't you come to mom and tots yet? seriously why do you not want to spend your monday mornings with crazy old ladies with kids at the church?? i'm gonna get you there it is my goal! i even get jamie there sometimes;)

The Eastman's said...

Collette I seriously forget about it every Monday so for you I'll put it in my phone so I don't forget anymore.

Jeevan said...

Your pictures are amazing!
You look awesome.
It's happy to see a happy family.


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Yokapa Youths said...

You see loving your photos and especially the kids is not an easy thing, we love them.

MaE-LiNg said...

Nice photos

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November said...

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Gaven Conn said...

Hi I am your next door neighbor in the blogger system. The burn story. Anyways I was just playing with my grandkids and thought this might be a great way to let everyone see them growing up. Thanks for the idea, I am new to all this stuff so I get excited about more things I can ad or make a blog about.